Minimum Age to Rent a Car in Montreal

The Minimum Age to rent a car in Montreal Canada is depending on the car rental company. In Canada, you can drive from 18 years old, but the car companies are usually setting higher limits, as they must be certain the driver has some experience and can bring the car safely.

The Minimum Age to rent a car in Montreal is subject of disputes, and a method to differentiate the companies. It will be really hard to find a company that rents cars to people aged under 21, and the average age accepted is 24. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages in those situations.

The segment 21-24 years old is one of the most important when it comes to car rental in Montreal. Those young persons usually don’t own their own cars, and they need it from time to time to impress their friends or to run errands. In this case, you might ask why the companies aren’t allowing 21 years old as a minimum age. The answer is simple: the insurance companies are charging more for those companies that are giving cars to people aged under 24, and this is reflected in the final cost of the car.

The majority of Montreal car rental companies have different charges for different age groups. People aged 21 to 24 are charged more, and the tariffs are smaller if the age of the client grows. This is not a practice for all the car rental companies, but you might search more carefully considering those aspects.

If you are 18-21 years old and you are looking to rent a car in Montreal, you will have to prove a clean accidents record, and to leave an extra sum as warranty to the car rental company. As for the prices, they are surely bigger even if you meet all those demands.

For the tourists, the car rental companies can be found even from the Trudeau Airport. All the vehicles are carefully checked, so you should not be concerned about security. Check trough different options available and make sure you find the safest and cheapest car in Montreal.