Short Term Car Rental Montreal Canada

The best method for short term car rental Montreal Canada is to look for the online sites. Sure, you might not have the time to check the internet when you arrive here, so we want to give you some hints about the best options that you have.

The station on Boulevard Henry Bourassa is the best in the northern area of the city, with 16 classes of vehicles to choose from and some good prices also. The minimum allowed age to rent a car from this location is 25 years. Check the internet first, as some cars might not be available at a certain time.

The station from Boulevard Decarie has a pickup service also. Just call them from an airport, and a driver will come to pick you up. 25 years old is the minimum accepted age. Be careful, as you will not be able to rent a car from this location after noon on Saturdays, and the service is closed Sunday. The prices are maybe a little higher than the market’s overall, but the cars and the clients are fully insured, and you can also benefit from the pickup service.

The station from Centre Ville is the best place for short term car rental Montreal if you want to walk around the centre of the town. Choose economical, compact or intermediate class, and make sure to bring the car back with a full reservoir. The prices are also great and usually all types of cars are available. However, it might be a good idea to call first, especially if you are looking for a luxury car.

The Saint-Jacques is the best place to rent a car if you are in the West of the city, but you will also have the pickup service at your disposal. A great solution for the people that are in a hurry, especially with all the classes of cars at your disposal all the time.

Check the prices also. The average price for an economic car is 30 CAD/day, but it will go to 60-70 CAD for a luxury car. Overall, renting a car in Montreal is surely a good alternative to the common transportation and subway.