Hotels Near Victoria General Hospital Canada

Maybe it is not the most pleasant perspective to search hotels near Victoria General Hospital Canada, as you probably have a reason to be here: a sick friend or relative, or some health problems that you might have. However, here are the best options for you if you need to stay near the Victoria General Hospital for a few days.

The Strathcona Hotel is a 3 stars hotel with a Pub and a Restaurant. A free Wi-Fi connection is available here, and you can book a Queen Deluxe room for a decent price also.

The Embassy Inn is situated in the area of the Inner Harbor, close to the Parliament and the General Hospital. Even if it is a 3 star hotel, it has all the features of a 4 star facility. Besides being one of the closest hotels near Victoria general hospital Canada, it is also close to the main attractions of the city, shopping areas and other interesting places.

If you are an exigent person, you will need more than a 3 star hotel. The Grand Pacific is not only close to the hospital, but it is also close to the Harbor and the center of the city. Choose the Victoria View or the Pacific One Bedroom Suite and enjoy your staying.

The Harbor Towers Hotel is another smart choice, especially because of the prices that are close to the ones of the 3 star hotels. The suites are located close to the center and the harbor, but also near the General Victoria Hospital. Visit the Fisherman’s Wharf and other interesting places while you are there.

A great place that will make you feel home is the 4 star Parkside Victoria Resort. This place can be considered more than a hotel, offering gardens, roof patio, and an indoor pool. Choose a Deluxe Suite with one bedroom or the Luxury One Bedroom for one person if you want to enjoy your staying.

Other hotels near Victoria general hospital Canada can also be found. Sure, there are also cheaper solutions, and you can find two or three star hotels close to the hospital easily. However, as we are talking about the central part of the city, it is a great idea to book your tickets in time.

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