Top Places to Visit in Quebec

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities of Canada, being filled with historical places that are representative for the history of this great nation. The tourists are aware of that, and we can guarantee you will never get bored here. Let’s have a look at the Top Places to Visit in Quebec, so you could book your tickets in time.

The Haute-Ville is the Upper Town of Quebec, having a history of more than 400 years. If you are here, you should visit the Notre-Dame church and the buildings from the 17th century. Take some money with you, as the stores will surely attract you with their great offers. This is maybe the only place in the world where the British and French architectures were applied to the buildings, so the buildings are absolutely unique.

However, your kids might get bored of visiting those old places. This is why one of the Top Places to Visit in Quebec is the Zoo and the Park. You are also allowed to feed the animals in the zoo, but you will have to buy the food from the authorized stores. A great place to spend a pleasant day with the kids and the prices are also small.

Back to the historical places, the Morrin Centre is one of the most mysterious places of Canada. It was build 200 years ago as the city prison, but it was later used as a library. It is also a great place to host events and conferences.

Take the cycling tour of the city, as this is maybe one of the most pleasant methods to visit the city and to enjoy a great ride. Don’t think about it as an annoying 30 kilometers march. The tour takes all day, and you will stop to eat, to have fun and to visit the city landmarks.

Another interesting option is the boat tour. Don’t be disappointed about the large boats, as it will surely be an interesting trip. The guides are well prepared, the rides are great, and the traditional Canadian foods will make sure you will have a pleasant day.