Where to go Rock Climbing in Canada

Canada is bestowed with many natural wonders and scenic beauty and because of these natural rocks and cliffs rock climbing is rapidly gaining popularity in the country. Canada boasts of having two places included in the list of world’s top 15 most spectacular rock climbing places. Canada offers endless opportunities to rock climbers in the shape of Alpine Peaks, big boulders, or small crags in dense forests and on top of that if you want to test your muscles and strength of will power then there are great indoor climbing walls that will make you feel on top of the world.

Mount Thor, Baffin Island, Nunavut
Mount Thor is situated in Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island’s Cumberland Peninsula in North East Canada. This peak is known as the world’s tallest vertical cliff and has the height of 1,675 meters or 5,495 feet. Mount Thor is paradise for rock climbers and provides once in a life time experience to them. The remoteness and vertical angle of 105 degrees makes it one of the most exclusive rock climbing destinations. Mount Thor is a granite spike that forms a part of Baffin Mountains and is a very spectacular vision to watch.

Bugaboo Spire, Columbia-Kootenay
Bugaboo Spire is the most beautiful peak in Bugaboo Mountain situated in British Columbia. The peak lies between Vowell Glacier that lies in the west and Crescent Glacier that lies in the east. This peak is the most popular destination for the rock climbers in Canada. Bugaboo Spire provides a vertical height of 438 meters or 1,437 feet to the climbers. Bugaboo means an object that is subject of fear and anxiety and true to its name this peak provides the adventure of rock climbing that is tough and exciting but unforgettable.

Stawamus Chief
This great granite dome situated in British Columbia in Pacific Range lies adjacent to Squamish town. The height of Stawamus Chief is 700 meters or 2,297 feet and is second largest monolith granite rock in the world. The rock climbing experience at Stawamus is unique as it provides three summits to be scaled at one place. There is south Summit, Centre Summit and North Summit that range from 2000 feet to 2300 feet and one can choose the summit according to his liking.

Apart from these three places there are numerous other places where rock climbers, both professionals and newbie, can satiate their appetite of climbing.