The Best Russian Restaurants In Canada

There are cities that are truly cosmopolitan in Canada with diverse population from all over the world and tourists visiting from all around the globe. Every ethnic or regional group wants to dine in an ethnic eating joint just to remember the home taste and satiate the need of belonging to the roots. For Russians in Canada or visiting Canada there are many Russian restaurants that are truly ethnic and provide the correct Russian ambience and cuisine that will make Russians or those who like Russian cuisine visit them again and again.

Troika, Montreal
The most famous Russian restaurant Troika in Montreal has interior done in red and gold that reminds the Tsar era. Troika is a Russian word for three horses. Located on Crescent Street in troika provides a dining experience that is very different from the noisy restaurants of Toronto. Troika was opened in the year 1962 and since then has been providing Russian specialties including beef, chicken and sea food dishes. The veal calves in marinade of ginger, duck breast with sauce made of pear are two Russian specialties provided by the restaurant. Other Russian dishes include Sevruga and Ossentra. There is a long list of Vodkas that one can select to suit his taste.

Pravda Vodka House, Toronto
This restaurant located in downtown Toronto is unique in the sense that it was started seven years back as an idea to educate people about Vodka but now it is a super specialty Russian restaurant that offers cuisine that perfectly match with Vodka. People outside Russia know very little about Vodka and Pravda Vodka House literally tells truth about Vodka as Pravda is a Slavic word that means “truth”. The interior of this restaurant is truly amazing as it is a combination of communist theme and modern culture that provide it elegance and style of its own. The specialties of this restaurant include caviar, pickles and an endless list of Vodkas. It is often joked that only thing cold (war) here is Vodka.

Amulet, Toronto
Amulet located in Toronto has a restaurant along with a banquet hall. The restaurant has live performance of music and host cabaret shows. This award winning restaurant has exquisite Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan and Caucasian menu. The banquet hall of Amulet has the seating capacity of 170 guests and is an ideal place for celebrating marriages, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. Amulet provides an excellent wine and dines experience in Russian style.

These are just some of the known Russian Restaurants in some of the most populated areas in Canada, if you would like to have your restaurant listed in this page feel free to leave a comment with your URL and we’ll consider it, Russian food is amazing and we want to help people find the best ones out there.